Philosophy of the Eagle


Philosophy of the Eagle
by: Subroto Siregar


by: Subroto Siregar (*)

My best friend,,,,

After many friends asked me to write / comment on some inspirational or motivational stories.

So this time, we will try to share the philosophy of "EAGLE"

All my best friends ,,,,

If we see an eagle sitting still on a log or tall tree ...

You know, it is not that he is silent in a thousand languages ​​while idling. But he thinks and continues to stalk the target he will get.

If we see the eagle flying steadfastly and gallantly ,,, this symbolizes the DIFFERENCE that has been inscribed in achieving the target it is looking for.

If we look at the time the eagle descends and grabs its prey ... this is proof of its seriousness in reaching its target and prey.

My friend ,,,, if only the Eagle could apply his sincerity and seriousness in reaching his target / prey. So, HOW about US ...... ??????????????????

In fact, what happens is all that is "learning" or i'tibar for us as human beings who have intelligence.

The notes:


2. Ikhtiyar & Prayer (is one UNITY that cannot be released)

3. Process / Effort will be in accordance with RESULTS


(*) The author is a Motivation and Spiritual Building Trainer.

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